Friday, 16 January 2009


Wayhaaay!!! The weekend's here! It's going to be a busy one too.

Tomorrow, TCF hit the streets of Saltcoats at 12.00pm to do something we term an "Open Air". Basically a group of us go out onto the main street to sing and preach the gospel. We also use this to publicise our bi-monthly Praise Nights. The next Praise Night is on Sunday at 6.30 in TCF, Townhead Street, Stevenston (See Favourite Sites section for a link to TCF website).

Before the Open Air there's a prayer meeting at 11.00am in TCF's building. We meet to pray for the local area and the people who live there. There's a real need there, as it's an area of major social and economic deprivation. However, we believe that the greatest need of people is to have a real and lasting personal relationship with Jesus Christ, to receive salvation through faith in him and through his sacrificial death at Golgotha where God punished him for our sins. And so we pray for revival in our day and generation.

Then on Saturday evening we're heading up the coast to Largs to dine and socialise with all our fantastic friends. We tend to get together regularly and we really look forward to this vital fellowship.

Finally, Sunday will be an absolute blur! Communion service in the morning, followed by Sunday school, followed by setting up the sound system for the band to play at the Praise Night. Then, the Praise Night.

Praise Nights generally fill TCF to capacity and lots of people come who wouldn't usually attend other services. The hymns tend to be of the more modern variety, with new stuff being played regularly. Most importantly of all the name of the Lord Jesus is lifted high and our prayer is that many will be attracted to him.

The weekend is here. Bring it on!

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