Tuesday, 13 January 2009


Well, since last time I blogged, Africa has been put on hold. Our missionary contact in Angola has been asked to translate at a five-day conference in Zambia during the time we were able to visit.

After the initial disappointment though, we've been able to put a more positive slant on the situation - this will now give us more time to raise the funds required. It's going to cost the six of us around £10,000. We've a better chance of raising such a sum if we put the date of our visit back to summer 2010, God willing.

So it turns out Toto were wrong. Instead of "Hurry boy it's waiting there for you", it's more like "I'm gonna take a little time, a little time to think it over" from "I Want to Know what Love is" by Reo Speedwagon (Man! I could build my whole blog around lyrics of middle of the road American AOR of the '80's).

Anyway, life is full of disappointments and letdowns, but through it all God is working out a plan for each and every one of our lives. Through thick and thin, he's more interested in our character than our comfort.

So let's deal with each disappointment safe in the knowledge that our God of love knows all things, and we can trust that he won't give us more than we can bear. Africa can wait!

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  1. I love to blogsurf, because in doing so I sometimes hit upon a blog like yours. Just want to tell you I went to Africa in October. We went to Tanzania and ministered to the Congolese and Burundi refugees who are in camps close to the border between Congo and Tanzania. We were in western Tanzania right on Lake Tanganika. If you are interested in my experience you will find it in my blog archives beginning in October. I promise you will not be disappointed once you get there. I never in my life met a group of people who love the Lord unconditionally and purely as when I was there.
    I actually hope to return in '10. Hoping that by that time they will be safely back in Congo. I do doubt that though. Be faithful, if that is where you are to go, God will open the door wide.