Thursday, 18 December 2008

Sometimes we get wee reminders of why we do what we do for a living:

Parents, grandparents and kids come to the community centre looking for "Christmas Stories". The storyteller tells tales of dragons and children, and sings about Mary's Boy Child -Christmas in the '70's.

The children sit agog, sometimes listening, sometimes joining in. They listen, learn, light up the room with their infectious enthusiasm. They smile, laugh, shout, sing. Christmas is near! Christmas is near!

The adults bring their children to the community centre. Whisper it - they bring themselves to the community centre. For, through the children's excitement, laughter and songs, the adults are fulfilled. Through the kids' joyful expressions they remember Christmases past, goosebumps and grenadier guards, colourful parcels and turkey, Morecambe and Wise on the telly and Grannies and Grandpas coming to visit.

And so now they experience it together, they learn together by sharing. It's a mellow mix of past and present, a warm glow on a dark night.

Santa is here to hand out presents for all, including adults (as excited as the kids) who bashfully come forward to accept their free gifts. Christmas is for all.

God gave a free gift for all because he loves you - his son, a priceless gift. His name is Jesus. He offers Jesus to all. All - that means you! The whole of Heaven has a massive party when someone accepts this gift.

Make this the most special, exciting Christmas you've ever had. Just look beyond the trees and tinsel, turkey and trimmings. Brush past commercialism and materialism, and discover what Christmas is really all about.

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  1. Hey, I've been having a party down here since I accepted Him! Makes you wonder why everyone doesn't accept the Gift!